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The more these Elite Specialization are revealed, the more hype I get for this Expansion pack. Necromancer’s Elite Specialization is here…

Arenanet has revealed the latest of its elite specialization, the Reaper and the badass is just oozing off this one:

To fit in with the area-of-effect theme of the greatsword, the reaper gets a full set of shout skills. All of these shout skills act as attacks that can hit up to five enemies and scale in effectiveness based on the number of targets struck (and yes, you read that right—reaper shouts deal damage!). In this way, the reaper is rewarded for diving into the thick of battle to engage as many foes as possible. Reaper shouts differ from warrior and guardian shouts in that they focus more on harming foes than they do on bolstering allies.

Now they also mention that the Reaper will be slow in terms with the greatsword and some of the casting time has a fairly sizeable cast time. I wonder how the Necromancers will think of this. I still think is just as amazing as last weeks Dragonhunter.

What you think?


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