The world’s first Open World Battle Arena, sound interesting to you? Its a huge claim to make but its sounds cool too. A Sandbox MMORPG meets Arena PvP…


Das Tal throws you into a dark fantasy prison world with Open PvP, Full Loot, Resource Warfare & Sieges. What caught my attention is the incorporation of consequences. Open PvP and Full Loot ensure there is always something at risk: Your inventory, your equipment, or even your clan’s settlement.


Can you imagine finding the rarest item ever and knowing that at any giving moment some jerk is gonna swoop down and steal-kill you. Just thinking about that makes me wanna play this game because I would that jerk.


Game worlds in Das Tal are always time-boxed. That means that they will run for a set duration (around one to three months) and then end in a massive event. We plan to have about 2.000 registered players per world and expect about 10% of those to be online at the same time.

I like this idea, it sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun. If you wanna check it out, go to their KickStarter page here.


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