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Splatoon Nintendo Direct 5.7.2015 Analysis

Nintendo just had their Splatoon Direct 5.7.2015 and a lot of new information came along with it…

The Splatoon Direct came with a lot of new information about the games lore, mechanic, shops and weapons system. Those squids can be customized by skin colour, the clothes they wear and weapon they can you. You can level them up to use more powerful weapons.

The clothes also seem to have special gear ability to give your squids an advantage during battle. There’s a lot that goes into this game that I hadn’t realised and now I am more intrigued.

There’s also special zones with various mission for you to do when you aren’t playing multiplayer online. Splatoon also has a few game variety which are Single Player, Player Matches, Ranked Matches which players must reach level 10 in Regular Battle to play Ranked Battle. Free Content update will be available after the game has been released.

And there will be a Amiibo boy, girl and squid version that will offer mini games, sorta like challenges for you to do.

A free demo is also available to play right after the livestream so get at it. The game looks fun.

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