Get ready to relive your childhood memory in glorious HD…

This new trailer of Digimon Adventure Tri shows us the 7 digi-destined animated with alongside their respected Digimon. We also got to see Omnimon in action versus a dark Digimon that for some reason in my opinion looks just like Omnimon but evil.

There was a girl under the bridge in this trailer but we don’t know whether she is a good person or the new antagonist in this series.

The music is really nice and it just adds on with the nostalgic rush you are going to feel when you see this trailer.

The animation is simply amazing and I am truly hyped to see this new Digimon series. 2015 sure seems like a good year for anime.

Toei Animation also revealed that while the sequel was initially announced as an anime series, it’s been revealed that Digimon Adventure tri. will be a six-part theatrical anime. The first part of the new film series is titled “Reunion” and will premier in Japanese cinemas on November 21, 2015.

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