A brand new interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama has just surfaced and it highlights on some of the key features that will be available in the upcoming Naruto Storm 4.

During the interview, Hiroshi Matsuyama talks about how the free battle has been revamped, the story mode having super-animation detail and how the game is faster than ever before. He goes on to talk about how the new combinations Ultimates will no longer be a “what if” scenario but rather it’s going to be more canon and stay true to the story of the Naruto Universe.

When he started talking about the types becoming back to one full type, by that I mean Ultimates, Awakening and Drive types combined, he goes on to explain how it will work seamlessly with the new Leader Swap system and how one can swap with the other characters in your team to create epic combos.

My biggest concern is when he start talking about the Counter Pill, he says that he will try and find a way to make the counter pill work that will please everyone, in other words he is trying to make everyone happy and we all know that’s nearly impossible to do. Its the Naruto Community after all, when have we ever been happy lol.

Guess we will just have to wait for more information on Naruto Storm 4. Overall the interview doesn’t share anything new, but instead goes into a little bit more in detail of things we already know.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm 4 will launch sometime in the Fall for the PS4, XBOX ONE AND PC.

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