Rice University engineering students are working to make virtual reality a little more real with their invention of a glove that allows a user to feel what they’re touching while gaming.

According to the video, they are working on a way to create a touch sensation when you pick up an item or touch something inside a video game. I think this is absolutely brilliant and I cant wait to see how far they are going to take the project in the future. This is on some Sword Art Online stuff, next thing you’ll know, your mind can be transported in the game and boom…shit gets real.

I like how this technology is strictly for gaming only and the team and future developers of the gloves aren’t allowed to share information on how it works (from what I hear anyways). I cant wait to see more of this product in the future.

The Hands Omni glove developed at Rice’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen will provide a way for gamers and others to feel the environments they inhabit through the likes of three-dimensional heads-ups displays.

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