Today Microsoft had their big conference where they showcase all of their new innovations and plans.

It was a big day for Microsoft. You can catch up on all the announcements and demos from Build 2015 thanks to Verge video, Microsoft’s biggest event of the year and its filled with a lot of great things.

I personally really liked the progress Windows 10 has made since been announced a while back and the interface looks sleek and beautiful. Everything else that Microsoft showcased looks awesome and they promised that after 2 years, One billion devices will run Windows 10 which in my opinion is a bold statement but we will found out soon enough.

We also got the official name of Microsoft’s new web browser, Microsoft Edge that’s supposed to be a replacement to Internet Explorer. The overall look and design of it is nice and there seems to be a lot of feature that will make the experience great.

The one thing that really impressed me was the Windows Holographic system, I cant wait to try it out myself one day as everything they’ve shown from mounting virtual pics on the wall to having your entertainment follow you around your room is awesome.

Are you excited for the future?

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