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Batman: Arkham Knight “All who follow” Trailer is pure Hype

RockSteady has released a new trailer to quench our thirst.

The trailer shows Robin, CatWoman and Nightwing fighting alongside Batman in what seems to be a new co-op system but I doubt its actually a mutliplayer system. It appears that all three will be AI-controlled and are integrated with the well established combo system. The graphic’s looks amazing and the scoop of the atmosphere and tone is sheer epicness in the making.

Azrael also makes a small appearance but it is not confirmed whether he will be playable or not. I played both of the Batman games and I enjoyed the heck out of it so you know I’m this game Day 1 (or maybe day 10 if I happen to run outta money or if I hear the port sucks *cough* MKX *cough* )

Batman Arkham Knight is due to release on the 23rd of June.

Are you ready carry the mantle of Batman and save Gotham City?

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