Nah bro you read right, Steam now wants to charge you the consumer for certain mods that were originally free to begin with. OK lets look at this and see whats up.

With a new, streamlined process for listing and selling your creations, the Steam Workshop now supports buying mods directly from the Workshop, to be immediately usable in game. I have always respected modders and their capability to create wonderful and amazing work of art on exciting games and make an old game feel new again, so I was at first perfectly happy that if modders wanted to charge a small reasonable fee for their work so be it. Steam still allows the option for modders to unload their mods for free too. That was until I found out the revenue share.

The real problem is that the revenue share that Steam is offering their modders is simple pure evil. Steam will take a nice 75% revenue made from any mods created by their modders. Bruh 75% is a lot to take from someone’s work.

The community are currently blazing the forums on steam page so it will only be a matter of time before modders decide to boycott workshop altogether.

Let me know what you think, is this a fair deal or not?

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