Things are really heating up in the Flash episode 19, as Barry and the team continue to look for evidences to proof that Wells is the Reserve Flash. The episode starts off with Joe and Cisco going to Starling City where they ask Capt. Lance for help with their investigation into Dr. Wells after Barry tells them that after the accident Harrison Wells became completely different person. It was also there were Cisco met the Black Canary who asks Cisco for a favour to enchance her weapon.

Back at home Barry is faced with a foe who can transform himself into anyone he touches. It was later discovered that this new meta human name was Hannibal Bates. I personally did not care at all for this meta human, as I was more interested in Cisco and Joe journey to discover who Wells was. I can tell you that when Caitlin wanted to confront Wells and talk about the issue I almost lost my cool for a bit but luckily Barry was watching her and swooped in to take her away and convinced her to wait until Cisco and Joe came back.

Cisco and Joe went to the place were Wells had his supposed accident and made a huge discovery and I mean huge, it was the moment I was waiting for since I found out that Wells was the Reverse Flash, they found the body of the real Harrison Wells. From this point forward things are going to take a interesting turn.

After the team returned back, they found the fake Wells hidden room with a screen of the Flash disappearing in the year 2030. The episode then ends in yet another cliff hanger. The story is progressing at a very nice and steady pace and its almost time for the face-off we are all hyped to see. My question still remains unanswered, where is Grodd? Will he ever make another appearance?

Overall this was a very good episode and I cannot wait for episode 20.

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