Alright I just finished reading the new manga series that Kishimoto created for us the fans, which tells the story of the new generation of the hidden leaf village. The story starts out familiar except instead of Naruto and Sasuke, we were introduced to Boruto and Sarada and the rest of the gang. It appears that the exams to becoming ninjas was just around the corner and everyone expect Sarada seemed to be thrilled about it.

This chapter focuses on our heroine Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha, who never got to meet her father as he left the village at her birth. Sarada walks home with Chouchou, the daughter of Choji as they talked about their interest of the exams. As the story progresses we get a more understanding of each of the characters personality and also the uncanny resembles to their parents.

Next scene we see Boruto playing hide and seek with his father, but later on discovers that it was just a clone to occupy Boruto while the seventh works in the office. Shikamaru then uses his shadow binding to detain Boruto from disturbing his father.

The entire time Sarada was pondering about what it would be like if her father was here. She got home and starts asking Sakura a lot of questions about her father. Now this is where it gets very interesting. When Sarada asks if Sasuke wore glasses as a child Sakura was nervous in answering that question, which promoted Sarada to accuse Sakura of not been Sasuke’s wife. Sakura been Sakura, punches the ground in an attempt to change the subject but ending up destroying the house and fainting.

After she was taking to the hospital, Sarada returns to the house to pick up something of value to her, the picture of his father. It was then that Sarada noticed a hidden picture that reveals Karin Uzumaki beside Sasuke, bearing a striking resembles to Sarada.

The first chapter of Naruto Gaiden starts out light hearted but ends with the biggest twist ever. I personally think this is a great first chapter and it raises a hell lot of question, did Sakura lie to the entire village and if so how will she bare the shame, damm this is hype.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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