The future is here…well almost any ways, designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Vinals came up with a new concept art and showcases a new jumbojet that in my opinion look badass.

He claims that the new jumbojet won’t rely on the traditional fossil fuel that most planes use but instead will rely on six hydrogen engines, fitted with rear engine that would double as a wind turbine, and solar panels on the roof and wings. He has dubbed it as a “flying hotel” as he plans to rid the stress that comes with long flight. The plane is planned to have 800 seats, restaurant…yes you read right and a shop.

Personally in terms of design it looks epic but I am also concerned that it might not be practical or safe for that matter but hey what do I know, I am not a engineer. I am always up for changes and upgrade as I prefer to move forward in terms of tech however I can’t help but to feel slightly nervous about this idea in general.

Let me know what you guys think?

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