So I just watched the new Boruto: Naruto the Movie trailer like three times now and I gotta say, as a long time fan I am quite excited to see this movie. As many of you guys are aware Naruto the manga has ended quite some time ago and the boy who was once a mischief boy grew up to become the seventh Hokage of the hidden leaf village and a Hero to the ninja world.

Well his son doesn’t seem to like his father fame and Hokage title very much and this movie will illustrate just how much Boruto despises the title of Hokage. The trailer starts out simple, it shows the history of the Naruto universe all the way to the adult Naruto looking out into the scenery and that’s when the trailer really kicks off. A number of title pops up and it shows who are the main members of the movie.

The one that stood out the most is the idea that Sasuke Uchiha is going to be a sensei or a master to Boruto as the trailer says. That alone already makes the movie a must see as Sasuke did not get much lime light in the Naruto the Last movie.

Let me know if your hyped for this movie.

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