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Well, I can sure as hell say that I didn’t see this one coming. Spiderman been hunted down by flesh-eating Titans? To that I say HELL YEAH. When I first heard about this, I was in a state of high level mind-fuck, never in my geeky life did I expect to see Western Comic and Eastern Manga join forces like this.

There are so many questions now, will the invincible IronMan get turned into a giant tin can, will they actually show Captain America getting ripped in half or will the Hulk get SMASHED.
In my opinion, I actually don’t want any other heroes to show up except Spidey of course. Why you ask? Well let’s face it, if people like Reed Richards, Dr Doom, Tony Starks and all those other Eggman level geniuses show up, it’s more than likely that the situation would be contained quite rapidly, but if it’s just Spidey alone, you know, doing his thing, web-swinging across skyscrapers, crawling on walls and cracking jokes while trying to defend New York city from a bunch of man-eating monster….well NOW THAT is something worth reading.

Now I’m only saying this because Spiderman was the first hero to be confirmed in this upcoming manga special and my imagination went wild like a cat smelling catnip.

Does this collaboration open up opportunity for other mash up in the future, hands up who wants to see a Justice League X Dragonball Z or maybe Naruto X Legend of Aang/Korra.
Either way regardless of who shows up or not in this AoT special, my hype level has well exceeded over 9000 or you can sure as hell bet I will be keeping my eyes on this one.

Now the question remains, HOW THE HELL did those giant scary ass looking monsters get into the Marvel universe in the first place?

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